VR Control Rooms Overview

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VR Control Rooms was founded in 2016 by serial communications entrepreneurs Stephen Brand and John Jurrius. While running their current venture, Intracom Systems, LLC, and dialoging with customers including NASA, SpaceX, NBCUniversal, Disney, Wells Fargo, and nuclear power plants throughout the United States, it became evident that virtual reality and augmented reality have the power to transform mission critical communications and command and control decision making across a wide array of industries.

VR Control Rooms provides enterprise and mission critical teams a secure, cloud based SaaS platform to build, re-create, and extend control rooms and complex collaboration experiences in virtual reality, augmented reality, and 360 User Interface (UI) format. Our platform combines the following capabilities:

  • Matrix, Push-To-Talk (PTT), and IP PBX communications enabling complex, multi-channel voice collaboration seamlessly integrated with PBX capabilities and interoperable via SIP and four-wire interface with communications systems outside the virtual domain. Specifically, our voice collaboration platform enables multi-channel, multi-access, always-on, non-blocking communications between users, meaning anyone can listen and/or speak to one or more users, in any complexity and without limitation. Our voice and audio platform also enables audio routing, monitoring of virtually unlimited audio sources, and interfacing with those sources via four-wire audio or SIP telephony protocol. Moreover, our matrix platform incorporates an integrated, fully functional SIP PBX, to add all standard PBX capabilities, and enable seamless communications between matrix intercom and PBX users. Voice or audio channels are activated using “gaze to activate”, voice activation, or external controller. The platform is highly interoperable and readily interfaces with real world IP PBXs, hardware intercom systems, and two-way radio systems for seamless communications between the VR experience and real-world control rooms and field operations.
  • Audio routing and multi-channel audio monitoring from IP and analog source feeds, with SIP support.
  • Geo-positioning and mapping to track the precise location of all your users and assets in the field.
  • Immersive 360 VR live and on-demand streaming with ability to instantly select and change from one video source to another.
  • Real-time telemetry data including financial, weather, and world clocks, with API to easily add the data most relevant to you.
  • Android and iOS integrated field app which includes push-to-talk communications, geo-tracking, video capture and encoding for streaming, and image uploader.

VR Control Rooms’ SaaS offering fulfills professional and mission critical communications requirements within an array of industries including Financial Services, Broadcast, Defense, Aerospace, EMS, Energy, Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, and Border Patrol. Use cases vary but often a team is looking for a decision and a decision maker uses VR Control Rooms in order to make the best one. For example, there may be a possible meltdown at a nuclear power plant. A team is onsite with experts at various locations. The team onsite transmits real-time data via a simple smartphone app to the decision maker/expert to make an informed decision quickly. The team on site may capture 360 photos or live video of a compromised reactor, which the expert would see within his VR Control Rooms experience and instruct how to fix using the platform’s flexible voice collaboration capabilities. Once the task is completed and audited in real-time the expert can sign off on the completed work. In another example a military commander may collect real-time information from soldiers and other assets in the field in order to make difficult real-time decisions.

For more information visit us online at www.vrcontrolrooms.com or for sales contact Fred Urrutia at furrutia@intracomsystems.com.