VR Control Rooms, a DBA of Intracom Systems, LLC, provides enterprise and mission critical teams a secure, cloud, SaaS offering to build, re-create, and extend control rooms and complex collaboration experiences in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. We also offer a VR-ready version of Intracom’s leading multi-channel, multi-access, non-blocking voice collaboration  solution (“VCOM”) for integration into third party VR experiences. With VCOM’s flexibility, proven performance with many of the world’s most complex and mission critical communications requirements, user friendly API, and no cost to get started model, it’s quickly becoming the VR industry standard voice collaboration solution.

The VR Control Rooms platform is U.S. Patent Pending under Application No.: 62/436,892. VCOM is protected under U.S. Patents 8,660,0398,942,141, and 9,357,077.