Make qualified mission critical decisions using robust real-time data from many sources made instantly digestible through VR-360.

Our SaaS offering enables you to build, re-create, and extend control rooms and complex team communications from operatives in the field to support and decision makers in VR-360. Our comprehensive solution includes the most advanced in the field push to talk communications and data acquisition capabilities and revolutionary virtual control room user interface that operates in virtual reality with VR glasses or without by swiping and pinching  in 360 mode on iOS or Android Smartphones or Tablets.



Matrix intercom, SIP phone services, and broadband push to talk team communications including LMR interoperability and connection to other professional communications systems.

Audio routing and multi-channel monitoring from source feeds including emergency and 911 dispatch software.

Geo-positioning and mapping to track the precise location of all your users and assets in the field.

Immersive 360 VR live and on-demand streaming with ability to instantly select and change from one video source to another.

Real-time telemetry data including financial, weather, and world clocks, with API to easily add the data most relevant to you.

Android and iOS integrated field app which includes push-to-talk communications, geo-tracking, video capture and encoding for streaming, and image uploader.