1. Search “VR Control Rooms” in Google Play (Android) or the Apple App Store (iOS) or you can download the Android APK here. You will need a current Smartphone with gyroscope for use in VR.

2. Launch the app. At the login screen enter any username and password “vr”. Select “Authenticate” to connect to our secure cloud sever.

3. Enter your experience in VR or 3D UI mode. If you select VR insert your Smartphone into most any pair of VR glasses. Use a headset with mic to avoid echo.

4. VR mode works using gaze — simply move your head to place the onscreen pointer on the element you wish to activate. In 3D UI mode swipe in the direction you want to move your screen and pinch to zoom.

5. You can add different video feeds and world clocks by logging into the System Admin at www.intracomsystems.net (Contact Us for assistance). YouTube Virtual Reality and live RTSP and RTMP streams are supported.

6. Watch our Product Tour Video for more information including advanced communications capabilities and interoperability.