Our voice collaboration platform and API for VR offers robust communications capabilities including Push-To-Talk (a.k.a. Walkie-Talkie functionality), Matrix (used for complex mission critical communications, e.g. coordinating a space launch), and standard PBX. With Matrix capabilities you can create virtually unlimited multi-access, always-on, non-blocking communications channels. This means anyone can listen and/or speak to one or more users, in any complexity and without limitation. Our platform also enables audio routing, patching, and monitoring of virtually unlimited channels. Our innovative Gaze To Talk (GTT) capability enables activation of voice or audio channels by putting focus (gazing) towards an associated button, object, or form. Depending on the VR platform and configuration, a tap or click of a game control can keep-on (“latch”) the channel. Our platform is highly interoperable and readily interfaces with “real world” communication systems such as IP PBXs, hardware intercom systems, and two-way radios, via four wire interface or SIP. This allows for seamless communications between VR experiences and physical control rooms, field operations, etc.

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